Vagabond Ski Club - Information for Prospective Members

Club Structure and Membership

Vagabond is an Incorporated Association under Victorian law with tax exempt status on the basis of being non-profit. The club started in Melbourne in the late '70s, with the lodge opening for the 1982 season. Members have a wide range of talents and interests. There are many families, including second generation. A number of members live outside Victoria.

To be a member an individual person over 16 years (no companies or joint names) must hold a debenture.
There are currently 49 members, collectively holding 86 debentures (ie many hold 2 as a result of a split a few years back). Refer to the Booking Policy section below to understand the difference whether holding one or 2 debentures.
To become a member a person needs to acquire an existing debenture from a current member. The committee can arrange this.

The Lodge & Site Lease

The lodge is generally accepted as one of the best club lodges at Hotham. More info on The Lodge tab, or read more in the download.
In 2003 Vagabond was granted a lease renewal for 40 years.
At the time this was the longest lease offered to a club, indicative of the Resort Management assessment of the quality of accommodation, the condition and ongoing enhancement of the lodge, and the management practices.


All members share responsibility to contribute funds for the club to be solvent.
The club aims to finance its operations and the ongoing lodge maintenance and improvements from annual subscriptions and booking receipts (from both members and the public after a members preferential period).
Our tax-free, non-profit status does not allow distribution of profit to members.
The club is free of debt.
Historically, the club (via member decision) has raised capital by member levies rather than borrowing. The last major improvement was the addition of 2 rooms in 2009, with capital improvements and maintenance continuing every year.
The committee is authorised to apply a capital levy of $1000 per debenture per year without further approval by a general meeting, however further major improvements and financing options would be discussed and agreed by the members in a general meeting.

Value of Membership

Club membership does not mean cheap skiing, but the non-profit club structure provides an economic way to access accommodation of Vagabond's standard.
Many people, particularly families, value the club lodge experience over apartments due to the opportunity to bring a group and to meet others. Membership provides preferential access to this accommodation, as well as getting to know and ski with a community of members. The bonus is a peaceful "holiday house" to enjoy alpine walks, cycling or just relaxing in summer.

Booking Policy

The Policy is reviewed annually by the Committee.
The key features of the 2016 policy are:
Member Charges:
- annual subscription of $100
- option to do a Working Bee (2 days per debenture) or
- pay maintenance levy at $200 per day

Rates & Member discounts
Room rates are set and publicly advertised to reflect seasonal demand.
The "Member Rate" is a discount from the public rates, namely:
- 50% discount for Member's personal use (includes partner and children to 25, one room per night)
- 20% off for all other member bookings (eg extra rooms for friends)
There are no limits on the number of nights or value

The only difference between a member holding one or 2 debentures is the work / levy obligation. There is no distinction in access to bookings or discounts.

Most demand is for a non-sharing room, hence the advertised rates are for a 'whole room'. Check the rates page & online booking system to see current published rates.
Members have a preferential booking period, after which the club accepts bookings from non-members. The initial part of the members' period has a room limit for the July school holidays.
Balloting (eg for busy school holiday periods) has not been needed for many years.
The club generally lets 2 or 3 midweeks (Sunday through Thursday nights) to school groups, which provides a sound financial base for the season. Member charges and benefits are per financial year (1 Oct to 30 Sept).
Cash balances (positive or negative) are carried forward, with a late fee if owing.
The best time to join is during summer to allow participation in working bees, and to exploit the preferential bookings (usually March).

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